Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Day 20. Project Laureate - Family Sketchbook

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School Holidays

Well, I thought that sketching in the holidays would be leisurely and relaxed. There would be plenty of time to spend time sat round with sketchbooks away from the school routine.

Or not.

Actually much harder. I had forgotten just how busy the kids' social lives are!

However, we're still going!

Tonight, we all sketched one of the flowers out of the garden. I think they're called the Bird of Paradise Lilly.

Day 20 #ProjectSketchbook

My flower. Rather pleased with this, although I do find understanding how to sketch different colours rather tricky. Is orange darker than blue?!?!

Oliver's flower. He was drawing it from the rear  - great job!


William's flower. Making great use of shading and shadow.

Freya's flower - a splash of colour! She searched first for the simple shapes which shows how she's now breaking a complex shape down into parts.

Hubster's flower - lovely colours.


  1. When you are trying to translate something from colour into greyscale hue has nothing to do with it. Try thinking about the colours value (ie light to darkness). If you find it tricky try taking a photo and turning greyscale as a reference. I hope that is helpful and makes sense!

    1. Thanks Katherine. It's so tricky because trying to turn colour into greyscale - shadow sneaks in too - completely confusing! I think your photo tip is great - thanks! Do you manage to convert colour in your head? I take my hat off to artists - soooo hard!

  2. I mostly work in black and white, but when I'm working in colour on the computer I tend to do a underpainting (a greyscale version) then use colour overlays so the tone still comes through. I do convert colour in my head, but use a bit of artistic licence here and there! It's about capturing the character of the thing you're looking at, not necessarily an exact likeness, unless that's what you're aiming for.