Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Day 7. Laureate Project - Family Sketchbook

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We've hit one week! 

What an achievement. But with swimming lessons for all three kids (not at the same time - urgh) and a late finish - would we be able to sit down as a family to sketch?

Fortunately, Katherine Lynas and Nina Wadock came to our rescue with some suggestions. 

I needed an activity that had a time limit if the kids were ever going to get to bed. I've noticed that once they start drawing, they don't really want to stop. Which is great, but so is sleep - especially on a school night.

Katherine's idea was to draw frogs with our eyes closed! And Nina suggested drawing an object but looking only at the object and not at your own sketch.

What a giggle! First we drew frogs with our eyes closed and then we all drew the same object (a bottle of wine) only looking at the subject and never at the paper.

It certainly made us look hard at the object we were drawing and have a greater awareness of where our pencil was moving.

Thanks Katherine and Nina!

As expected the kids did an extra drawing each. Once you start you just can't stop!

Day 7 #ProjectSketchbook 

My effort. All the right ingredients - not all in the right place!

Frog on the left, wine on the right - 'glug glug' - thanks Freya!

The Hubster - just managed to make the page with his wine bottle on the left. And teeny tiny wee frog.

Are you sure you didn't peek, Oliver?

Loving the frog William!


Oliver's pre-historic piscivore.

Moon Queen Princess - lovely Freya.

William chose to draw the base of the lamp I drew the other day. Great job!

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