Sunday, 21 June 2015

Day 12. Project Laureate - Family Sketchbook

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Take it outside!

We're almost half way in our challenge to draw every day for a month.

I don't know if we've hit a lull because of coughs and cold, or whether it's just that mid-way point. The year 9 of high school. February. The sticky bit. The middle part of the journey. 

Are we nearly there yet?

But this is fun. And the journey IS the point.

So, we've only got one image today. Or rather, several photographs to make up the single image. We all had fun doing our sketches outside. An old family favourite of using chalks on the 'patio'.

It's so much fun doing super scale sketchings, drawing around each other, etching our favourite things. There's not a lot of accuracy with chubby chalk - but hey we had an audience! Several birds perched to watch us. I think perhaps they thought we were going to feed them - they were out of luck!

I hope we can get outside tomorrow with our sketchbooks and pencils and sketch what we see outside rather than on it.

Have fun! Venture outdoors!

Day 12 #ProjectSketchbook

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