Sunday, 28 June 2015

Day 18. Project Laureate - Family Sketchbook

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Glorious sunshine and outdoor air!

It was a beautiful day, so after a bush walk, we sat down with a picnic and sketchbooks by the river. Inspiration would be easy in such a beautiful place, right? Lots of people, kids playing in the park, a football match, the stillness of the water only broken by the occasional boat, kayak or jumping fish. Maybe draw the bridge? Or the Boatshed? A Pelican drifted by, Kookaburras called and parrots flew past in groupings that would easily rival the Red Arrows.


With so much life and so much beauty it can be hard to know where to start. Trying to focus the gaze and the eye on to a single subject I found hard (and I wasn't the only one). With so many subjects begging for attention, drawing can be quite noisy.

Eldest found a sketching spot up a tree!

I think Oliver got the most out of this. He tucked himself away to focus on a subject. Lazy old me picked what was in front of my face, but Oliver knew what he wanted to sketch and had to climb a tree to do so!

Day 18 #ProjectSketchbook

Oliver's two darter birds that he climbed a tree to draw, There's dedication!

The Hubster drew William contemplating what to draw- cap down, lost in thought.
Just lovely! I'm very envious that Hubster can capture so much so easily.

Freya drew children playing in the park. So frustrating - people move when you want them to keep still!

William started drawing a scene in the park but got frustrated with so much going on. He wasn't happy with what he'd drawn so opted for a cartoon character that he knew (and didn't move).

I love this place. This is Woronora River at Prince Edward Park. One of my favourite places ever. I wish I could do it justice.

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