Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Day 21. Project Laureate - Family Sketchbook

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Three weeks in!

No Hubster sketch today because the kids and I disappeared off to The Boatshed while he was still at work.

The Boatshed is a treasure of a place, a real gem, tucked away between Woronora River and Forbes Creek. It's a hub of creativity too, with paintings on the wall from local artists, pottery and the most amazing view. 

There was so much to chose from when faced with a blank piece of paper - the equivalent of writer's block. We sat with our hot chocolates, bobbing our marshmallows, contemplating the beauty around us. What to draw...

I made a mistake. I drew what hijacked my eye. The colour and regimented order of the stacked kayaks against the raw wood on the jetty sat against the angle of the table and the green backdrop of the park across the river. Too much!

Drawn by contrasts in textures and colours and lights, curves, rough edges and lines, I started to draw. The more I drew the more there was to see. Running before I can walk? Probably. I struggled to finish. My coffee had long since been drunk. I didn't even know how to fill the space on the left that had people - people sat down drinking coffee. Adding people to my list of details - too complicated. Perhaps if I could've sat there for half a day I'd have been able to complete it.

It was a lovely experience though. Very civilized, sat, with the kids, supping coffees and hot chocolates, sketching the beauty surrounding us. Happy Days.

Day 21 #ProjectSketchbook 

The building across the river by William.

Oliver's cartoon style impression of the car park across the creek.

Freya's still life - the table laid in front of her.

My coffee and kayaks...

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