Sunday, 14 June 2015

Day 4. Laureate Project - Family Sketchbook Journey

Chris Riddell's 5 Point Plan
The inspiration for our project

Inspiration or perspiration? 

Tired Kids. Long Weekend, but still sketching…perspiration has it.

So, you commit to this idea; to sketch every day, and then life gets super busy, kids have sports, we have jobs (always lots of jobs), how to find the time? 

This is supposed to be fun and we want to keep it that way. So, tonight, we just did a quick sketch. The kids were shattered, so we chilled out on the sofa, pencils and paper in hand. We took what we needed to sketch and placed it in our eye-line, or drew what was in front of us. It worked just fine. 

I had been worried about tired kids stressing about sketches not being ‘perfect’ and how quickly a situation could disintegrate. But, relaxing, and allowing sketching to just be part of our everyday world, our routine, takes all the pressure away. 

Knowing that accidents are okay, no, there are no accidents, it’s all learning. It’s all about process. Sometimes the kids want to start again and that’s okay. There is no ‘perfect’. 

So, on tired days, where inspiration feels a little thin, perspiration will do. Just sitting, relaxing and sketching is definitely still worth doing. We all produced good work and the project continues. I don’t think we’ve hit our last tired day in this challenge, but we know how to get through it. 

Tiredness: 0. Drawing: 1

Day 4 #ProjectSketchbook 

William, snuggled up on the couch, drew what was in front on him; the clock.

He's really experimenting with smudging and shading and tried to present the 3D quality of the clock.

Inspired by Horrible Histories that the kids had been watching, Oliver presents his Historical Apprentice (Stone Age) Shrew!

Freya's drawing. Mummy in the kitchen. Let's have a picture of Daddy in the kitchen next ;)

My sketch for today. A lettuce. Crazy idea. So many curves, folds, veins and leaves.

Something simpler tomorrow I think...

Excellent fruit and Lego combo from The Hubster.

Half a lemon and an Imperial Storm Trooper.

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