Thursday, 18 June 2015

Day 9. Project Laureate - Family Sketchbook

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The Inspiration for our Blog

Hi everybody! 

I'm Freya and this is our blog post for today.

Mum says we've had over 1000 views to this blog. Wow - that's a lot of people! I didn't know people were so interested in our work.

I love doing this blog because I get to practice and get better at my drawings like my last one, Mum thinks it's amazing! For example my dad is getting better everyday. I think he is the best in the family now. But I didn't even know that Dad could draw just like that. Even though he helped me all the time I never saw him draw. Now we draw together. I like that. It's a big difference.

I think Dad's drawings are great.

I hope that everyone that reads this does a drawing at least once. And show us. That would be good.

I hit my head yesterday and I'm feeling much better now. Yesterday we sat down to draw and Mum drew a picture of Super Daughter (which is me) because she says I'm very brave.

Bye for now.

PS get drawing

Love Freya.

(I had help. Typing takes too long.)

Day 9 #ProjectSketchbook 

This is what Mum did. And that's me in a cape! With SD for Super Daughter on my shirt! I'm a superhero because Mum says I'm even braver than a lion!

This is what I did. It's a picture of Mum - she's a queen. Not really, I just drew her as one. Because she's the best mum ever, she looks after me when I'm sick and she's beautiful like a queen.

This is what Dad did. You see what I mean? He's really good! It's a picture of Mum when she was in a onesie. And while she was drawing. Mum does not want me to tell you that she was in a onesie - so don't tell her!

This what my brother did. Oliver. He's drawn Snowpea Shooter from the game Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare.

This is my other brother's drawing, William. It's from the game Plants Vs Zombies again and it's called a Chomper. He's really good at it but he got a bit annoyed because it wasn't going right at first - but now look at the results - it's amazing!


  1. Been loving seeing all your pics, Freya. Great blog post! You write well too - the rest of us might have to watch our backs!

  2. Great post Freya. I think your family project is lovely, I hope you continue and have lots of fun together :)