Sunday, 14 June 2015

Day 5 Laureate Project - Family Sketchbook Journey

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Changing and growing. 

At first I thought the best part of this project was doing something together as a family. I’m loving the idle chatter around the table and how sometimes you talk, but sometimes you don’t, because you’re locked into your own creative world, tracing lines. 

But today as I was scanning the images for the blog, I was struck by the difference in each of our sketches and the progress we've made in only five days.

I don’t know if it’s confidence or control or the development of our own individual style, I'm about as far from being an expert as you can get. As you know, up until this project – I don’t/can’t draw. I never did GCSE or A-Level Art. I sat my bottom down in an art class once and never went back. I was just too intimidated by the amazing work I was surrounded by. 

It’s only now, as I’m older, comfortable with my own limitations, and frankly couldn’t give a monkey’s if someone’s drawing is better than mine (of course it’s going to be!) that I am enjoying the process and not the outcome. And yet – I’m pretty dang chuffed with the outcome!

My doll actually resembles the thing I was drawing. For me, that is a serious achievement! I’m blown away by the kids. They always seem to be able to reach for inspiration, trying different styles or subjects. And the Hubster – his drawing today is particularly special for me (and for William). 

So, if you’re at all tempted to have a crack at this – just do it. It doesn’t have to be every day, maybe once per week – or even just once. Dust off those pencils, pick up a piece of paper and draw something in front of you. If there’s nothing in front of you, draw your own hand or your foot. 

I feel like we’re growing and changing, and it’s pretty special. 

Day 5 #ProjectSketchbook I think we've all challenged ourselves today. See what you think...

My drawing. A doll. It looks like a doll. More importantly still, it actually looks like the doll I was drawing. A big day for me.

William's lizard. He went back to this twice. At first it was just a line drawing but he felt he could add more, he wanted to make the scales feel more real. He wanted his lizard to look 'proud'. I think it does.

Freya has really experimented with simple graphic drawings. She has tried to move the position of some of the characters, from straight on, to slightly turned, to a side profile. Can you guess which animals she has drawn?

Oliver's dragon. I think he's managed to capture the movement of flight and given the dragon's face clear expression.

The Hubster. 
This is a drawing taken from a photo of William when he was only three.

It's beautiful. Really beautiful.

There are upsides to this project I wasn't expecting.

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