Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Day 13. Project Laureate - Family Sketchbook

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New Pencils!

Oliver opened the new set of pencils he was given at the weekend.

How things have changed...we sat round in excitement as he revealed his 'Woodless Graphite Pencils'. Ooooh. Fancy. HB, H2, all the way up to H8 (there's an EE but none of us knows what that means).

We formed and orderly queue (sort of) to experiment with the hardness and softness of each pencil. Come on people, this is breaking news! Just as exciting as when we got to try out the Trailer Tent, no? 

Everyone is making preferences for different paper thicknesses and whether it's rough or smooth. I say everyone, Hubster and I tend to get what's left after the kids have grabbed the good stuff (ah, life as a parent).

I feel like we're learning, in a touch, feel and 'do' sort of a way about materials. None of it is text book, but all valuable!

Day 13 #ProjectSketchbook

The sunset from the kitchen window. Pleased and frustrated in equal measure. Looks good, I think, but does it actually look like the sky I was trying to capture? Probably not. Difficult this drawing lark!

Poor Freya - reaching for those tissues! That nose looks sore!

Oliver - another excellent dinosaur. A dino he very much feels was left out of the new Jurassic World film.

Puffshroom by William.

Love that smudging Mr Will!

No, this is not Granny, this is a doll from Freya's doll's house.

Another excellent sketch from the Hubster.

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