Friday, 26 June 2015

Day 16. Project Laureate - Family Sketchbook

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Going our separate ways...

Tonight, Freya, Mike and I wanted to continue what we learnt in Shoo Rayner's Vlog about Cartoon Style drawings. Whereas the boys had their own plans.

Although it was nice for us all to follow the instruction together, almost as a lesson, it was okay to do our own thing. As it turns out, the boys watched Part 3 of Cartoon Style Figures but then opted to draw characters from a movie.

Freya and I both had a few difficulties. Seeing what you want to draw, knowing exactly what it looks like, but somehow the pencil marks on the page not matching up to your hopes and expectations, can be frustrating.

I think I've mentioned before my struggles with spatial awareness (complete lack of it) so drawing a character in any other position other than standing straight and looking ahead I find almost impossible. But not impossible! Yes her legs are skinny, at odd angles, or in the case of the last one; strangely amputated - but drawn and recognizable! Should I be happy with that? Yes. Am I? No.

It's very hard to see what you do well, even when it's pointed out. Freya and I both found that last night. It's often easier to just stick with what you know. But not as much fun. And where's the challenge and growth in doing only what you know you're good at?

So, here's to getting frustrated, making mistakes and trying at things you don't know. Here's to growth.

'Do one thing every day that scares you...'
Remember this one?

Day 16 #ProjectSketchbook

Unbelievably, Freya couldn't see how fantastic this drawing is. She could only see what she couldn't get right. I think it's brilliant. She's 7. I couldn't draw like this at 7! I can't do it now and I am a lot more than 7 ;)

Can you guess which movie William's character's are from. 

Fantastic! Looks just like they do in the film.

Oliver's current favourite computer game. Great shading to add depth!

Hubster's cartoon style pictures of the kids. I think he was influenced by the same movie as William with his second picture!

Somewhere between Rumpelstiltskin and a woman. Hmm. I think I've managed to keep the resemblance between the 3 drawings as the same characters. I'm pleased about that.

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