Monday, 15 June 2015

Day 6. Laureate Project - Family Sketchbook Journey

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The Inspiration for this Blog

A different way of seeing things. 

I remember watching Dead Poet’s Society as a teen – ah, I thought it was brilliant! 

Of course, I’m far too snooty and grown up to appreciate it now. I must roll my eyes and say, Carpe Diem, Ha! Cliché, cliché! 

Remember the scene where Robin Williams stands on his chair to see the world in a different way? That is exactly what is happening to our family when we sketch. No, we’re not all standing on chairs yelping Latin mottos, but we are seeing things in a different way. 

Remember Hubster’s drawing of Ana from Frozen? 

When he was drawing that, the kids were commenting how out of proportion her eyes were to the rest of the face - they were thinking about proportion and how parts assemble to a whole. They said that until the pupils were drawn in, she looked positively demonic. It’s the same with drawing each other, a cup on the table, a cuddly toy. Suddenly we are all having to deconstruct what we see before us. 

The objects in life that we see and experience everyday somehow present themselves differently when we are to draw them. How do you represent a 3D shape on paper? For me, the shapes all change somehow. The light falls differently. How deep is that curve compared to the height of the object? 

For anyone that knows me, knows that I struggle with spatial awareness. You could spin me round in a paper bag and I’d get lost finding my way out. Turning 3D shapes in to drawings is so HARD for me. I often marvel at how with what would appear to be a few easy strokes artists can create not just a face, but capture the character and expression of a person. Those who sew, I take my hat off. How do you create something 3D from a bunch of flat 2D shapes? See? My head is already twitching, brain ready to explode, even just thinking about it! 

I don’t expect to master drawing or any of these skills. I don’t even expect to touch the surface of being competent. I really don’t think that matters within the context of this project. What does matter is the thinking that underpins this – looking at the world around us with new eyes. I could put on a sensible hat and claim how great looking for shapes and proportion is for my kids’ maths development – ‘Look Freya, think about the shapes the puppy is made out of...’ But that’s not the point. 

For me, this is about a different perspective, a fresh way to question and understand the beauty that exists around us. 

If you don’t fancy standing on a chair – get your sketchbooks out instead. Or better still – do both! (But perhaps not at the same time).

Day 6 #ProjectSketchbook 

Oliver's lizard. He's used water (and a bunch of other arty techniques I know nothing of) to create a real sense of movement. 

The Hubster - drawing Freya whilst she was lost in thought, in between chewing on a pencil. I feel so lucky that I get to treasure these memories of the project, but also sketches like this!

Inside Freya's imagination! These drawings just make me smile so much. The shapes and lines are so direct - and they feel fun!

Eagles and penguins from different angles from William.
Moving away from the shading today, keeping to line drawing.

I found this so hard. Symmetry , light, shadow - and glass - how on earth do you draw glass? It's a bit wonky but at least it resembles what I drew - which is a lamp by the way.

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