Thursday, 25 June 2015

Day 15. Project Laureate - Family Sketchbook

Chris Riddell's 5 Point Plan
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Learning from Vlogs!

From a recommendation, we took a look at Shoo Rayner who has a website and a Vlog teaching the basics of drawing.

We all had a crack at basic cartoon style drawing, which we are told is 'a form of two dimensional illustrated visual art.'
So now I feel extremely very clever and artist-like. 

I think it's made a huge difference. I found the simple stick figure that he drew (which is on my picture) really helped because I always forget about hips. Freya too said she felt there was a big difference between her first cartoon style figure and her second.

See what you think...?

Day 15 #ProjectSketchbook

Freya's cartoon style characters - Princess Mia!

William's fab characters in different positions. 

Call me an elf one more time - just call me an elf!

Love Oliver's vampire - complete with shadow!

The hairy Hubster!

Funky dancing dude from me!

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