Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Day 14. Project Laureate - Family Sketchbook

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Two weeks - yay!

To draw every day as a family and to post every day does take time and patience  - but we've made it half way through our month! And we've almost hit 1,500 views which is great.

Today is special, not just because we've hit our halfway mark, but because we got mail!

Look what postie delivered!
Freya opened an airmail envelope to find a drawing from her cousin. We're always excited to receive post - and a sketch was just wonderful. So in our excitement, we all decided to draw pictures for and about Freya's cousin and her family. Thank you!

We often think that words are our chief method of communication, but drawing is communicating too. It can be part of the conversation, the start of a conversation or the conversation itself. It's the sharing of something, a feeling, a memory, a scene, or a joke. We found as we sat round the table as a family, that as we drew we chatted about our subjects - my brother's family. That in itself was a sharing experience, bringing back memories and laughter. It was special.

In some ways it is a very honest form of communication. Kids draw to each other all the time. Why do we stop as adults?

Day 14 #ProjectSketchbook

Connecting families...

What a beautiful drawing from Freya's cousin - and such an imaginative use of balloons! Everyone looks so happy!

Thank you!

William has drawn the family dog. He's really tried to capture Popcorn's playfulness rolling over for tummy tickles.

More doggy popcorn from Oliver. They can't believe how she has changed from a puppy to a dog since they saw her last.

Freya drew her cousin and her family...

Hubster drew memories of their house...looks so friendly and inviting.

My skills fail me yet again - if you look HARD enough, there is a likeness to be found :)

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  1. I love William's! Got a real sense of movement (and looks like my own dog!)