Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Day 8. Laureate Project - Family Sketchbook

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Hi this is Oliver! 

I’m off school ill, so I’m writing the blog post today. 

In Last night’s drawing session I drew a basilisk (a type of lizard that can run on water). I have been drawing these lizards for a while partly because they are fascinating creatures and also they are my favourite animal. 

I enjoy studying reptiles a lot and also love watching them in the wild. 

We go camping to places where lots of lizards live in the wild. There was this cool water dragon at Wollondilly River Station that was sniffing my hand. And Mum told me off at Coolendel when I fed a Goanna (Water Monitor) that was longer than Dad with some left over corned beef.* 

I love drawing animals. 


From Oliver. 

*Yes, he did get told off – Water Monitors have nasty bacteria on their teeth and are very strong. He’s not done it since! 

 Day 8 #ProjectSketchbook

Oliver's lizard, running on water.

William's bird in flight.

Freya's wonderful world of bugs on the top and her pandas underneath.

My sketch of the two boys as babies and toddlers. I am really pleased with this although I found the process slightly terrifying.  This nervousness is reflected in my not-very-confident very light pencil marks!

The Hubster's decorative glass crystals. (He's got that whole 3D thing going on that makes my head boggle!)

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