Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Day 28. Project Laureate - Family Sketchbook

Chris Riddell's 5 Point Plan
The Inspiration for our Blog

We did a month - YAY!

This last post for the month has been a tricky one to get out. With poorly kids again and then some idiot decided to pour near-boiling water on her hand (me - doh!) it took a couple of days, but we did it!

This was a particularly lovely family sketch. It seemed to go on all evening. We'd looked after our neighbour's dog again and everyone was in a chatty and relaxed mood. It really has been a joy all sitting around the table together, talking and drawing and I think we have all really progressed.

We'll still draw as a family regularly, but will only post once per week. It has been a challenge not just to draw everyday, but to scan and post. I'm so proud and happy that we've managed it - a real sense of achievement, but also we have shared something special as a family. We have memories of our art-table-banter and of course the progress we've made over the month with lovely pictures to treasure. 

If you're at all tempted to do this - have a go! There's nothing to lose and so much to gain. Thank you Chris Riddell for providing the inspiration. You're right - we should be drawing with our kids!

Day 28 #ProjectSketchbook

Freya was desperate to get her fashion style drawing right. We sat with her and helped her through the tricky bits. She wouldn't let anyone see her work until she had coloured it in and then presented it to the family. She was very proud  - and rightly so.

I think you can tell one of Oliver's drawings a mile off. He has a very clear style and I think my favourite of his drawings are of wildlife. His passion and love for the natural world shines through.

This sketch of William's has real heart. This is a drawing of the dog he looked after. I think you can tell what was important to him about this dog through the features he picked out. Drawing is a wonderful way of expressing how you feel about something, or someone, and what a special memory. Drawn with great affection.

In typical Hubster fashion, he decided to use his last sketch of the month to draw something that would make someone else very happy. This is Freya's favourite Disney character - I think I might frame it and put it on her wall. I am, in many ways, most overwhelmed by Hubsters drawings through this project - I didn't know he could draw, but he has such skill! How wonderful to discover something so wonderful about someone you love.

I am so pleased with this sketch. Personally, as a non-drawer, I have found this project an incredible challenge - really tough, and yet so rewarding. I actually had to do this drawing from memory because Hubster refused to look up and kept his head down the whole time. The upside to his refusal to be drawn, was that I found great joy imagining and tracing the lines to create his face. It's not perfect, but I think I have his eyes - and I am chuffed to bits!

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